Blacksburg And Radford Criminal Defense Lawyer

As a former prosecutor, attorney Jason V. Wolfrey is well-aware of the tactics that law enforcement officers and prosecutors use to pursue conviction of people charged with crimes, including traffic violations. He understands the court systems inside and out. He understands how to communicate with judges in such a way that they listen carefully as he defends his clients.

Traffic Tickets, Drunk Driving Defense, Misdemeanor Defense

While Wolfrey Law, PLLC, handles a variety of criminal defense matters, traffic tickets are the most common issue that brings clients to the law firm. Drivers who face consequences of speeding tickets or reckless driving citations often expect an aggressive approach before prosecutors. However, this may not be the most likely path to a successful outcome. In fact, Christiansburg traffic law attorney Jason V. Wolfrey puts his experience to work as he devises effective strategies for each case.

Effective defense in a traffic violation case, a DUI/DWI case or any criminal matter often requires finding the weakness of the prosecutor's case against the accused. Was a traffic stop unjustified? Is the credibility of a witness questionable? In a nutshell, what hole or holes stand out in a prosecutor's arguments in support of conviction? Uncovering the defects of charges against clients of Wolfrey Law, PLLC, has been proven to be an effective tactic time and again.