Criminal convictions can result in serious consequences. The legal representation you hire is important. Do you want a former prosecutor who understands the legal system and knows how to protect your rights on your side? That is what you will get from Jason Wolfrey of Wolfrey Law, PLLC.

The Experience And Knowledge From A Former Prosecutor

Attorney Jason V. Wolfrey was a prosecutor before he began defending people charged with crimes. He listened to countless arguments from police, countless defense arguments from accused people and their lawyers, and countless judges' rulings. The number and variety of cases that he handled for the prosecution side of things form a firm foundation for the productive law practice of Wolfrey Law, PLLC.

Attorney Wolfrey provides personalized representation and customized strategies appropriate for your unique situation. In every case, the goal is the same: the best attainable outcome. That may be a case dismissal, a reduction in charges, restoration of driving privileges, or probation depending on the facts and specific circumstances of the charges, the prosecution and the available defenses.

Criminal Defense Representation

The firm represents individuals in Blacksburg, Christiansburg and throughout Roanoke County, Virginia, who are facing all types of criminal charges, including DUIs, traffic offenses, drug offenses, theft, assault and battery, and other crimes.

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